Get to know Chuck

Hello, I'm Chuck. We looked at a couple theartes before we bought this gem. We really wanted to restore this amazing historic building in the community and got to work on it right away in 1994. We haven't stopped since! I am retired to Florida the family "Runs the Show" although I still pop in from time to time.

Knowing Edgar


Edgar had a passion for the Star Theatre like no other! He loved entertaining the community and the history behind the 1921 building that was build for sound and showing movies, unlike the big box movie theatres there are today. 

   Our Edgar passed away on Oct. 12th, 2019 after an illness with cancer. His heart will forever be in ours and we will continue to put forth all our efforts to run the theatre as he would with love! 


Get to know Genevieve

Gen is niece to Edgar and Lois. She has joined us to help fill in for shifts to keep the Show going. 

Get to know Sara

A true family business, Sara, niece to Edgar and Lois, she has come back to work a few nights to help us out. She worked at the Star years ago...Great to have her back! 

Get to know Trent

Tent is a great nephew to Edgar and Lois. He is doing his part in the family business taking tickets, serving up popcorn and sweeping up after the shows. 

Get to know Zach

Zach is nephew to Edgar and Lois, also has worked at the Star years ago and has come back to cover some shifts when needed. 

Behind the scenes


Lois Furioso

Lois is the Daughter of Chuck and Sister of Edgar. Stepping  in again to help run the theatre, Lois fills in on some shift, slings popcorn, calls in the number for each show,  Does the Box Office Reports and makes the employee schedule.


David Furioso

Husband to Lois, the family tradition keeps on going! David has taken over the finance part of the thearte by paying the bills, collects the money (his favorite part- isn't that everyone's favorite?), books movies, special events and does the supply shopping.